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Basketball Skill Development

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Elite Hoops Development is committed to creating an environment to take your game to the next level.

Sorry, at the moment, due to my health and other ventures, elite hoops development is indefinitely a dormant company. The court is not mine so call PeoriaSportsplex if you want to rent it. They do not have open gym hours.

Eric Saar: Founder and Head Development Trainer

Hi, my name is Eric Saar! Thanks for coming to my website and I hope that I can earn your business.

I am the firstĀ and only IMPACT Basketball trained trainer based in Arizona. Joe Abunnassar and his team helped Kawhi Leonard, DeMarcus Cousins and Kyle Lowry become NBA All-Stars. They also train many of the draft prospects who end up going in the first round in the NBA draft each June as well as foreign teams and high school players. I went through their rigorous training learning drills for conditioning, skill development, nutrition and strength exercises. I also learned how to motivate and encourage the players, as well as sequence and plan workouts for optimum efficiency.

I specialize in fixing a player’s shot release. In just four sessions, I can significantly improve the accuracy and consistency of your jumpshot.

Please take a look at my packages and see if they are something you can invest in.

The Comprehensive Basketball Development Plan


Shooting the basketball is essential for playing at a high level. The better you shoot, the easier it will be to drive in the lane. There are many aspects to a shot release that could be off and my goal is to make your shot more consistent, compact, faster and more accurate.

Ball Handling

Ball-handling is one of the most important aspects of playing basketball. It opens up so many possibilities on the court and makes it difficult for the defense to pressure you.


Passing -- and passing well and accurately -- is essential to playing basketball. Having the ability to drop bounce passes to a cutter or a chest pass to someone in the corner is fundamental to upping your level of play. The entry pass into the post is crucial to getting the most out of your biggest players.


If you can't defend on the basketball court, then you better be an elite offensive player to stay on the court. At the youth levels, just being able to play above average or lockdown defense will keep you on the court as you hone your offensive talent. There are two aspects of defense: athleticism and positioning/situational.


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Testimonial #2

I have enjoyed working out with Mr. Saar. I am experiencing improvement in dribbling, shooting and situational tactics. That is fun!

Testimonial #1

Eric Saar pushes me to my hardest every single time... Every time I come back, I'm better. I keep improving. It really helps.

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